How to add additional IP camera into NVR?

2021-06-16 15:22

Step 1:Connect a POE switch to the lan port of the recorder.  See Picture below

Step2. Connect your cameras to the POE switch. The go to main menu -> camera ->  camera registration. Click Device Search and then click Uninitialized. Device displays camera(s) to be initialized. 

Step 3.  Select a camera to be initialized and then click Initialize.
The Enter Password interface is displayed.

Step 4. Set remote device password and email information.

If you want to use the current device password and email information, the remote device
automatically uses NVR admin account information (login password and email). There
is no need to set password and email

Step5. Set email information.
Input an email address for reset password purpose.

Step 6 Click Next button.
The Network interface is displayed

Step 8  Set camera IP address.
     Check DHCP, there is no need to input IP address, subnet mask, and default
gateway. Device automatically allocates the IP address to the camera.
     Check Static, and then input IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and
incremental value.

If it is to change several devices IP addresses at the same time, input incremental
value. Device can add the fourth address of the IP address one by one to
automatically allocate the IP addresses.
 If there is IP conflict when changing static IP address, device pops up IP conflict
dialogue box. If batch change IP address, device automatically skips the conflicted
IP and begin the allocation according to the incremental value

Step 9   Click Next button.
The Device Initialization interface is displayed



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