How to add IP camera to XVR

2020-05-07 15:49

You can configure the channel type as Analog or IP channel.

Step 1 Select Main Menu > CAMERA > CHANNEL TYPE.

The CHANNEL TYPE interface is displayed.

Step 2 Configure the channels.

You can enable the IP channels by disabling the corresponding analog
channels. The Device also provides expanded IP channels for your use, such as
the 17–32 channels

  • The 17–32 channels are only for IP camera and the range changes dependent on
    the model you purchased.
  • The channel selection for analog camera or IP camera are in sequence, for example, if you want to select channels for IP camera, you need to select from the last channel number Channel 16 first, which means, you cannot jump to select the channel 15 directly until you have selected the channel 16.

Step 3  Click Apply and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the settings

Step 4  Select Main Menu > CAMERA > REGISTRATION > Registration, the Registration interface is displayed. 

Parameter Description
Uninitialized Enable the Uninitialized function, the uninitialized devices out of the
searched devices are displayed in the searched device list.
Initialize Select the uninitialized device from the uninitialized device list, and
the click Initialize to start initializing device
Show Filter

In the Show Filter list, select the remote device type that you want to
display in the searched device list.

  • None: Display all types of devices.
  •  IPC: Display the front-end devices.
  •  DVR: Display all storage devices such as NVR, DVR and HCVR.
  • OTHER: Display the devices that do not belong to IPC or DVR
Searched Device
Displays the searched devices. You can view the device information
such as status, IP address.
Device Search Click Device Search, the searched devices display in the searched
device list.
To adjust the display sequence, in the title line, you can click the IP
address, Manufacturer, Type, MAC Address, Port, or Device Name
Add In the Searched Device List area, select the device that you want to
Manual Add Add the device by manually configuring settings such as IP address,
channel selection. For details, see " Adding Remote Devices

Step 5 Adding Remote Devices Automatically

On the Registration interface, click Device Search.
The searched devices are displayed

Select the check box of the device.

Click Add.

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