SN (QR Code) will be changed after restore ConfigurationBackupFile from the other recorder

2019-12-02 18:56

1.    Phenomenon After update the Configuration Backup File of the other recorder, you may get an error: SN is conflict with other devices.

Then you can check under Basic, QR CODE(SN)has been changed to a different one from the one before.

2.    Analysis Please go to Start – Settings – Basic – Firmware version. All the device with firmware version 1.3.3 (before 20180913) may have this problem.

3.    Solution

1.    Check the firmware version, if it is 1.3.3 (before 20180913), please update the firmware to the latest version, the problem will be fixed. Please get the firmware from the  download link:

2.    Please also try to reset your DVR to Factory Defaults, then check whether SN can be the default one.

3. If you have later version but still have the problem, please contact technical support

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