How To Upgrade Firmware In VDPConfig?

2020-08-31 17:46


This guide will show you how to upgrade the firmware of a device using VDPConfig


  • Windows PC.
  • Dahua Toolbox
  • VDP Config
  • Dahua video intercom device on the same LAN as the PC

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open DahuaToolbox and click Open next to VDPConfig

2. Click the Upgrade icon on the left (Arrow)

3. Click Search Setting

4. Enter the password for the device then click OK

The window may refresh after entering a password

5. Check the box next to the device you wish to upgrade then click Browser to locate the firmware file

6. Use the window that appears to locate the firmware file

7. Click Upgrade

8. Upgrade Setup window will appear

Set Upgrade Type to Main Program

Clear Config must be enabled.

Check the box next Clear Config then click OK to begin the upgrade

9. The upgrade status will display via a progress bar

When the firmware upgrade is complete a green checkmark will appear next to the device

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