KTW01 Intercom kit Quick Configuration

2020-11-10 20:00


1. All devices are SIP2.0 based.

2. Devices all hard wired (WIFI connection need to use PC)

3. Devices all on "Uninitialized Status" Or "Defaulted"



Select Language and Ok

  Create Password

Quick Configuration Page, OK

Click Refresh and find all your devices to program.  If you miss one or two, double check your wiring, make sure you can see all of them.  As you seen, we have initalized this VTH monitor, and we are going to initialize the rest of devices.

 All initialized, Next

 Program Main/Sub VTO, Main/Sub VTH.

Pick anyone of VTO as unique Main, and rest of VTOs need to be Sub.

Same as VTH,  one of them as Main, rest of VTHs will be Sub.

Click on Edit

First VTO as Main, make sure IP is unique under router network.

Date and Time need to adjust. --- This is important if you need P2P for App Access.

Video Standard: NTSC     (North America)

We have set up one VTO, let's set up the rest of devices.

As you seen, there is only one Main VTO and VTH, the rest of them are all sub

One-Key Config. (Don't click it if not ready)

Setting Load Successfully. All device will reboot itself, wait like 3 mins.

All Successed, Cancel to Exit this page.

You can test it after all device power up. It should work.



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