How to Initialize VTO from DMSS App

2021-09-17 17:26


This article goes over adding a secondary VTO to an already existing Video Intercom Kit setup


  • Existing Video Intercom Kit Setup  
  • DMSS App

Step by Step Instructions

1. Launch DMSS App, go to Home.

2. Tap on + to add device.

3. Choose SN/Scan, and then scan QR code of your VTO.

4. Serial number be populated. Tap on Next.

5. Choose VTO as device type.

6. Tap on View Reasons.

7. Tap on Configure Network Again.

8. Tap on Next.

9. Ensure that your phone and VTO device is connected on the same network, then tap on Next.

10. Enter password to initialize device, and also enter email address for reset password purposes. Tap on Next.

11. It will ask you to select whether you want to get cloud access and auto check for firmware update. Leave both of them checked, and then tap on OK.

12. Create Device Name, and then tap on Save.

13. Your VTO will reboot and ready to use.

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