How to setup people counting on the DSS express

2020-07-29 19:04

Please download the express below

Flow control download package

After you install successfully, open the DSS express client.

Before you start, please make sure you have an IP camera IP address and your all devices are under the same network.


step 1. on the main menu. choose Device

Step2. click add to add device


Step3 input the IP address of your camera, user name, and password.



Step 4. After you added successfully, the device status will show online. Then click edit.


Step5.  Choose the video channel. Under features., you need to choose IVS alarm, cross line statistics.


Step 7. go back to the main menu and click config



Step8.  Under server, choose shop config


Step9. check the devices and set the threshold(maximum occupancy number you want).


Step 10  Go back to the main menu and choose the flow analysis. 


Step 11. choose live flow,  and you can have a test now.

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