What can I do if eyeonet NVR shows no video in channel?

2019-12-02 21:50

1.    Phenomenon

IPC has connected to NVR but it shows no video in NVR.\

2.    Analysis

a.     The IPC is used by multiple users at the same time thus there is issue to display IPC on NVR.  

b.    IPC is connected to NVR via Onvif protocol (Our products support 3 streams thus this issue is not considered while using our products.) Log in to IPC through Web side, check how many streams supported.

If IPC only supports one stream, it will effect to display in NVR. Main stream supports to display IPC when NVR only shows single channel on the screen, If change the display mode to show over 4 channels on the screen, IPC needs to output sub stream to support.

c.     IPC is connected to DVR via Domain. Add IPC on NVR:

Make sure all the information are correct thus the IPC will display on NVR.

d.     IPC is connected to NVR via RTSP protocol

3.    Solution

a.     Disable the other users to connect to the IPC.

b.    IPC needs to support Main stream and Sub stream to display in each display mode on NVR.

c.     Correct the url information to make sure IPC will display on NVR.

d.    Correct the resource path and check whether work on VLC to make sure IPC will display on NVR.

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