What should I do when eyeonet IPC-Onvif IPC have compatible issues?

2019-12-02 18:10

1.    Phenomenon IPC (under the other brands) is   connected to the NVR but unable to show video facing compatibility issue.  

2.    Analysis a.     Check whether the version of IPC is latest. The old version IPC might face some onvif compatibility issue

a.       Check the onvif username/password/port/Address on NVR.

#sometimes there is special Onvif port in IPC, please check the port information through website in IPC #

b.     Check motion/onvif protocol setting on NVR

c.     Do the comparison tests with Onvif Device Manager.   

3.    Solution

a.     Update the IPC firmware version of device.

b.    Correct the username/password/port/Address .(Check onvif port information if contains )

c.     Switch on Onvif protocol

d.    Contact the IPC brand manufacturer for further analysis.

e.     The other issue please contact our technical support for further analysis.


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