How to use smartpss to add personel.

2020-07-10 18:32

Step 1. In Access interface, you can click  on the left to enter User Management interface, to manage all users.

Step 2 .Set Card Type

If card type and card reader do not match, then you cannot read card no.!

          In User Management interface, you can click  button, select type of card you use, 


  • Set card type.CPU card supports encryption

Step 3. Add user

  • On User Management interface, select department on the device tree and click

  • Click Basic Info and configure personnel basic info.
  • Parameter Note
    Basic Info User ID【mandatory】
    Card no.:input by card reader and manually
    Card type:general card, VIP card, guest card, blacklist card, patrol card, and duress card
    Unlock password:only used for unlock via password
    Card password:used for card+password unlock
    Number of use:only for guest card
    Validity:card validity, 10 years by default
    Picture:user photo, max 120K
    Card no. and user ID cannot be repeated.
    Fingerprint Info Collect fingerprint via fingerprint device and reader
    Each user can have up to 3 fingerprints
    Support input of fingerprint name
    Details Gender, title, education and etc.
  • Click Fingerprint Info, select fingerprint device and then input fingerprint info according to interface tips. See Figure 16 6.
    Supports max 3 fingerprints for everyone, besides, it also supports fingerprint name

  • Configure details for personnel,


  • Click Finish and save config
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