How to add new card or key fob on ASC1201

2020-07-03 21:07

Step 1  Press [#] + admin password, and press [#] again to enter the main menu.

Step 2  Press [1] + [#] key to add a user

  1. Add user ID (1 to 8 digits). Input ID and end up with [#] key(If the user ID exists already, it will fail to be added)
  2. Add a card. Swipe a card and end up with [#] key (If card number is not needed, press [#] key directly to skip this step. )
  3.   Add password (1 to 8 digits)
    1. If it is necessary to set password, input a password and press [#] key
    2. Otherwise, press [#] key directly.

One user is added after completing above 3 steps. Continue to add other users in this
After adding users, the system stays at “Add User” menu. Please press [*] key to return
to the main menu.


  • Indicator light is green and normally on, and the buzzer beeps once, which means
    that the user has been added successfully.
  • Indicator light is red and normally on, and the buzzer beeps for three times, which
    means that it failed to add the user.



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